Saturday, 4 February 2012

Art Journal - Experiment with nail polish

This is my first really experimental journal page. I had this idea of using my favourite nail polishes in art, but wasn't sure how. But this seemed like a good idea and it worked out! It really glows on the black gesso :) I am really pleased.

I use a Moleskine large sketchbook for my art journal. Here I used black gesso as a primer as I didn't think that the nail polish colours would be as intense on white. I then used nail polish neat from the bottle to create the patterns. It will take a long time to dry properly. I will allow at least 24 hrs before closing the book again. I signed it using a Sakura Glaze 3D pen in Opal White. I might consider putting a gloss varnish on, maybe a spray version, but I will let it dry properly first.

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